Summary of Services

Vancouver Harbour,   Vancouver. The Artful Tour    |  ARTIST   DEL MILLER

Vancouver Harbour, Vancouver. The Artful Tour  |  ARTIST DEL MILLER

  • Business start-up
  • Preparation and filing of personal, corporate, estate and trust tax returns
  • Financial statement preparation for corporations, partnership and proprietorships
  • Income tax planning
  • Audits, Reviews and Compilation Engagements
  • Supervision and guidance through a Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) audit
  • Advice, representation and negotiations for dispute resolution with CRA
  • Software accounting package – set-up and training
  • Due diligence regarding buying or selling of a business
  • Estate and/or Trust administration, accounting, tax and passing of accounts
  • Executorships
  • Forensic matters and legal support

Client Services

Accounting Matters

  • Year end and interim financial statement preparation and filing of necessary tax returns
  • Preparation of Compilation Engagement, Reviews or Audited Financial statements and reports
  • Business startup
  • Budgeting, forecasting and preparation of projected financial statements with underlying assumptions
  • Computer accounting systems and training
  • Client accounting – Bookkeeping
  • Cash flow projections


Other Accounting Matters

  • Bank presentations including cash flow projections
  • Lease or purchase decisions
  • Trust audits for law firms and real estate brokers pursuant to request by the Law Society of BC and Real Estate Council of BC
  • Purchase and sale of a business
  • Immigration and emigration planning
  • Forensic matters
  • Legal support
  • Advisory services
  • Retirement planning


Tax Services

  • Preparation and planning for personal (including partnerships), corporation tax returns, as well as estate and trust returns
  • Obtaining tax clearances
  • Preparation of any special election, tax forms and supplementaries
  • Goods and services tax matters
  • Provincial sales tax
  • Supervision and guidance through a Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) tax audit
  • Settlement of tax disputes, representation regarding appeals with CRA
  • Voluntary disclosures to CRA to avoid penalties
  • Non-profit tax returns

Note: We use a mid-size CPA firm located in Bellingham, Washington for most US tax matters and filings.

Estate and Trust Services

  • Executorships and estate administration including Pendente Lite
  • Tax and estate planning including Will and post mortem tax planning
  • Estate and Trust tax compliance and accounting services including forms and elections required
  • Preparation of final (date of death) and prior personal tax returns
  • Non-resident tax forms as required
  • Tax clearances to date of death and final
  • Passing of accounts for estates, trusts and committeeships
  • Accounting and financial statements for estates, trusts and committeeships
  • Forensic matters
  • Legal support

We want your business and will provide you with timely and quality service. Please enquire about any services contemplated which are not listed.