Frequently Asked Questions

  1. BC Speculation and Vacancy Tax - does it apply to me?

  2. Property transfer tax – Do I have to pay property transfer tax on my real estate transactions?

  3. Qualification for principal residence status – you could be surprised!

  4. Should I incorporate my business? If so how should it be structured?

  5. Is there a way I can income split with a family member?

  6. What is an allowable business loss?

  7. Should I lease or purchase?

  8. Can I deduct home office expenses and if so what are the deductible expenses?

  9. Can you provide guidance in the purchase/sale of a business?

  10. Reducing or deferring corporate and personal tax

  11. Does my small business qualify for the lower tax rates?

  12. Are my companies associated for tax purposes?

  13. What are the deadlines for filing tax returns and supplementary slips?

  14. Should I file a tax return when it appears I am not taxable?

  15. What are the rules of Child Care deductions?

  16. Who qualifies for Universal Child Care Benefit (UCCB)?

  17. The taxability of separation payments

  18. Should I invest in a tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) and/or contribute to a registered retirement savings plan (RRSP)?

  19. Can I deduct expenses which I incurred to earn my employment income?

  20. Tax deductibility of a club membership and expenses to entertain a client

  21. Should I have a buy/sell agreement with my partner or shareholder even though we are good friends?

  22. What are the tax implications if I or my spouse becomes a resident of Canada or emigrate to another country?

  23. What financial matters should I consider before immigrating to Canada?

  24. Should I be paid a salary or dividends or a mix of the two?


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